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 sketch of SkyShark desing by Jurg Sommerauer

Advanced High Performance Twin engine 4-seat Kit plane


SkySHar TP4-100 with TP100 turboprop propulsuin system

Invitation for Investor(s)

Serious investors are invited to study our information in this site. AVI is searching for financial sources for this highly advanced and potential project to start immediately with prototyping. Interested investors with qualifying financial background please feel free to read our Investor cover-letter . For more information about the designer, check out the aviation credentials.

Are you interested?
e-mail us for more detailed information and to inquire a business plan

The SkyShark TP-4 design concept

Computer rendered CAD images of the turbo prop version, TP 100 of the SkyShark (click for larger view)

gray-pink SkyShark TP100 over Austrian Alps

SkyShark TP100-Ferrari-like livery

SkyShark with Ferrari insoired livery

SkyShark TP100 over Utah  winter skies


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