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We supply real carbon fiber panels with the unique carbon fiber look,
CNC machined to highest standards in Europe

NXT WrightFLyer101 instrument panel design (glass cockpit)

Experimental aircraft Lancair IV P instument panel David King
Lancair IV P instrument panel (here under construction) with EMPEG car mark II mp3 player.

Experimental aircraft Glasair I RG N747DJ alias HB-YDJ
Glasair I RG (HB-YDJ) instrument panel with EMPEG car mark I MP3 player. This player has two hard drives totalling 18 Gb capacity with over 3500 songs at 256 bps CD music quality compression from CD's, vinyl records, and tape at my home music studio.

carbon fiber instrument panel
Carbon fiber instrument panel for Lancair IV P. The carbon fiber panel is seven ply.

detaild form carbon fiber instrument panel
Detail view from the carbon fiber panel above.

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